Biodiversity, linking farming and the environment………..

How is that for a lovely photo, even if I do say so myself………….the Ross peninsular really encourages you to take the camera on a trip around the animals out grazing the land, its a lovely job on a sunny day but as many of you will know when the wind is blowing and horizontal rain soaking you its a different story, however we cannot have it all!

I spent a little longer checking on the animals this day and was really looking and thinking about the environment we have here at Ross and how we look after it and encourage everything to flourish.  It really is a balancing act of grazing cattle and sheep together, to keep the weeds away, encourage new growth of grass, not to overstock so that all the wildflowers are grazed, but to graze carefully to replenish and encourage natural wildflower growth.  When you look around Ross, even on a walk around the bay there is an abundance of flora and forna, and wildlife to enjoy.  Peace, quiet, car free, fresh air, the sound of the sea, surely its good for the soul………

At present we have lots of swallows fledging around the buildings and cottages, and proving their existence by pooing everywhere………listen to the curlews on the Inks field, the oyster catchers too.  The too large to nest in a tree heron loves the tallest tree in our garden, and so it goes on……..

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