Spring into Summer

Resourceful Lambs

Lambs Feeding at Ross Bay

Lambs Feeding at Ross Bay

Well, those little singles, twins and sometimes triplet lambs of a few months ago are much older, larger but not very much more wiser now. The saying ‘the grass is always greener’ must have been invented by a farmer watching a sheep or lamb forcing its head (and sometimes itself!) under or through a fence (and sometimes over – sheep can climb dry stone walls like Spiderman) to get at the grass on the other side.

Swallows & Amazings

It’s wonderful to welcome our holiday visitors back. They’ve been accompanied by the swallows migrating from Africa. We’ve been treated to amazing displays of acrobatic flying on and around Ross Bay that would put the Red Arrows to shame. I had intended to write about other signs of Spring this time, but it has been so cold on and off that we are ‘springing’ straight into summer.

Ross Bay Peninsula

Ross Bay Peninsula

Fresh Green Hedgerows

The hedgerows are turning that beautiful fresh green colour with the new leaves, at the same time as the tulips are still in flower. I’m sure I saw catkins in December but can’t recall seeing them since! Warm days, some soft rain on the fields overnight and the grass is growing nicely, just what we ordered say the cows and the sheep. Human grass cutters are less enthusiastic.

And so life is beginning to open up again here, and we look forward to sharing this special part of the world with you.

All at Ross Bay Retreat

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