Meet ‘Vindicator’ – Our Resident Hereford Bull

Meet ‘Vindicator’, our handsome resident Hereford Bull here at Ross Bay Farm. Vindicator has about 20 lovely ladies to look after and just lives happily along with the other cattle all year around. As a ‘breeding bull’ he has a very important job serving our lady cows to breed herd replacements for our farm.

His calm temperament is fantastic, which he passes to his offspring making them quiet to work with and great to handle. As the Hereford is a native British breed he needs no special treatment or feed and happily roams the hills all year around!  He is very lucky to have some lovely coastal countryside to enjoy with great views across the Isle of Man and the Lake District.

Calf at Ross Bay Farm

Hereford Calf at Ross Bay Farm

Ross Bay Lambs – Update

Playful Lambs at Ross Bay Farm

Playful Lambs at Ross Bay Farm

This season’s Ross Bay lambs are all now growing up fast and playing in the fields whilst still under the watchful eye of their mothers. In the summer time the sheep will all have their wool shawn which will keep them cool. They provide us with fine wool which we will sell to the wool board to keep us all warm in cooler times.

Fresh Eggs for Our Guests

Wildlife on the Farm at Ross Bay

Chickens & Geese on the Farm at Ross Bay

The free ranging chickens, ducks and geese are all out, wandering about and about enjoying the sunshine. Springtime means they have been busy laying lots more lovely fresh eggs for our family, which means that we can also leave some out for our holiday cottage guests.

Hope you enjoy seeing Vindicator, our Hereford Bull and the rest of the animals on our working farm on your visits down to Ross Bay Retreat.

All at Ross Bay Retreat

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