Great Days Out Near Kirkcudbright – Follow the Galloway Red Kite Trail

Have you seen the red kite in flight? It is a magnificent and graceful bird of prey, quite majestic  sight as its soars in flight. Saved from natural extinction, red kites have been successfully re-introduced to the UK and there are now over 4,600 breeding pairs nationwide. Visit the Galloway Red Kite Trail, 10 miles north of Kirkcudbright, and enjoy a spectacular aerial display of red kites in their natural habitat that have been re-introduced into Southern Scotland.


red kites galloway kite trail

Red Kites in Flight in Galloway

The Galloway Red Kite Trail

One of our guest favourite local attractions is heading off to the Galloway Red Kite Trail to see these wonderful birds in their natural environment. This 24 mile circular road trip is an exciting opportunity to view these lovely creatures in flight in stunning, peaceful and tranquil Galloway scenery. It attracts hikers, cyclists, lovers of wildlife, countryside and bird watchers.

In addition, there is a range of other wildlife and historical attractions to see around the trail, and a selection of places to picnic, eat and drink.

Galloway Red Kite Trail

Galloway Red Kite Trail

Bellymack Hill Farm – Kite Feeding Station

Red Kites were released at Bellymack Hill Farm back in 2001 and have been congregating there due to the ideal south westerly wind conditions and updrafts for them to soar high up and swoop down over the farm land. This has created a wonderful natural habitat for them to breed and become an exciting natural attraction for visitors to the area.

There is a feeding station and visitor centre at Bellymack Hill Farm near Laurieston. Over 100 kites have been seen together around feeding time which is at 2.00pm each day.

The Red Kite & Near Extinction

The red kite is one of Britain’s rarest and most beautiful birds of prey. They were once widespread and common throughout the UK though sadly they were heavily persecuted, shot, poisoned and trapped to near extinction as they were believed wrongly of taking game. Although they are mighty impressive birds with a wing span of almost 2 metres, they actually eat mainly carrion and worms and maybe the odd small mammal. Until their recent re-introduction recently, the last pair bred in Dumfries & Galloway was way back in 1870.

It is a quite spectacle for all ages to experience and it is a joy to see nature fighting back giving visitors great pleasure, reward and some superb photos.

Come and see for yourself.

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Google Maps Directions: – Just 16 miles an approx. 30 minute drive from Ross Bay Retreat. Directions from Ross Bay Retreat to Bellymack Kite Feeding Station

Red Kite in Flight

Red Kite in Flight


Red Kite perched

Red Kite perched but always on watch.

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