On a cold and frosty morning………..

Another beautifully different piece of scenery but its still Ross Bay……..  Just dressed in a coat of white frost……..all crisp and crunchy with the fresh air nipping your nose, cooling the airways, fingers and toes…….

No pollution down here at Ross Bay either light, or air making your stay here all the more relaxing and where your time feels to stand still whilst you relax and contemplate the pace of life…….

As we are in the gulf stream with our own little micro climate we rarely have snow and frosty days are minimal however this December has proved otherwise.  We had some temperatures dip to minus 6, causing a few problems in the cattle sheds with frozen water pipes.

As always our cottages have kept toasty warm thanks to our biomass heating system giving our guests the enjoyment of freezing cold walks and retuning to a lovely warm cottage…..no need for the log burners either unless its your holiday thing!

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