I name this ship……..


I name this ship

I’ve just been thinking about this time three years ago when I was asked to name and launch a boat from Ross Bay by some of our regular guests (well, being completely honest I was reminded by Facebook, other applications are available!). Here’s the story of how it came about.

Martin made Liz a kayak for her 50th birthday from a kit provided by Fyne Boats in Kendal, somehow without her realizing. Some deviousness was involved – he ‘lost’ the keys to the workshop and measured her for a Greenland paddle (which he also crafted) by checking her reach for size when she was painting a ceiling at home. The goal was to have it ready for their annual family holiday to Ross Bay Retreat. In the absence of royalty (or possibly anyone else willing to get their feet wet – David pointed out that as a farmer he wasn’t sure about this watery stuff and was more comfortable with his feet firmly on dry land) I was very pleased they asked me to launch the kayak for the first time. 

The waters of Ross Bay are well known to paddlers for being a sheltered place to go when the surrounding sea and Kirkcudbright estuary is choppy, which is fortunate as launch day was a bit blustery. The kayak didn’t have a name until the last minute, but because of its long thin prow we hit on ‘Curlew’ after one of the many birds we see around the bay. Since then Curlew has also paddled around Carrick Shore, the Fleet Isles, Killantringan on the Mull of Galloway and the Lake District (if anyone asks you how many lakes there are in the English Lake District, it’s a trick question – the answer is one, Bassenthwaite. The others are all called Waters). I’m pretty confident it will be the only time I get to say ‘I name this ship’!

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