New silage wrap…………..greener farming……

Well, at Ross Farm we are always looking for innovative ways to do things better, be forward thinking and proactive, improve how we do things, and review our impact on the countryside, environment and the farm.

So……….for our second cut of grass / silage we were going to make it into the large round bales which you usually see wrapped in black plastic……………….In conjunction with Murray farm care (agricultural suppliers) we decided to try a new type of wrap………its colourless and a lot easier to recycle.

Also to hold the round bale together, to keep it round, instead of using string, or net wrap, which both need to be separated off to be recycled separately, we have tested some colourless film.  So, as you can see from the picture you can actually see the grass in the bale.  It is a bit of an experiment but hopefully the silage will taste just as good, but its waste will be more environmentally friendly and more easily recycled.   Lets hope the cows agree!!

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