Kirkcudbright Festival of Light……… naturale!

Well, Kirkcudbright is celebrating with the festival of light, the town looks amazing with all the displays, light projections, trees in the Soaperie gardens lit up along with the shops and house windows lit up in a display of glory.

Here down at Ross Bay we are more familiar with the real dark skies, no light pollution, only stars and the moon for night light.  This beautiful red sunrise yesterday morning really was something impressive to see.  The photograph really does not so it justice but as soon as there is a great sight to be seen, I reach for the camera.  The sun appears to be just rising behind Skiddaw in the Lake District before moving high above Gypsie point and changing colour.

These are the views that each of our cottages enjoy in the mornings when looking out over the bay.  Sometimes our guests bring magnificent cameras and telescopes which only make me have envy and feel like I should hide mine, or invest in an improved version!  Some of our guests take amazing photographs of the wildlife here at Ross Bay and the surrounding countryside, and coast.  When we are lucky, (or cheeky enough) they are kind enough to let is use their photos here on our blog, or on our social media platforms.

Many of our guests enjoy following us on Facebook, instagram and twitter, however my use of social media leave much to be desired so………


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