Soon be lambing time…………sheep snacker is out and about.

Our sheep have all been scanned to see if they are carrying lambs, and if so how many. This allows us to separate them into the ones expecting single lambs, twins, or triplets (and the one expecting quads!) Then we can feed them all accordingly. The singles don’t want too much extra feed as they then grow their lambs too big and have a difficult time lambing. The twins and triplets need some sheep nuts daily which we give them using the sheep snacker, this little trailer hitches onto the quad bike, has the nuts in it and then drops the nuts out in little piles for the sheep to eat. They know when its feeding time, and so do the seagulls as you can see! All the sheep also have mineral blocks / tubs out and tubs of glucose to keep their energy level up to grow their lambs, start making milk for when they have lambed, and to keep themselves fit and healthy. Its a good idea too for them to have a large area to graze upon so the grass keeps clean and fresh (even in the wet weather), then to keep some fields fresh ready for them to be moved onto to have their lambs. They all like the shelter of the walls, and gauze as well as the hills and dips.

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